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Foresight Prep at Oberlin is a summer, pre-college/college preparatory enrichment program focused on sustainability and leadership development. For students concerned about issues of environmental sustainability and social equity, interested in pursuing careers as change-makers or creating social change across business, government in the nonprofit sector. Exploration of potential education and career paths. Networking with established leaders and practitioners. Focus on sustainable business, food (including food security, food access, local foods, agribusiness, etc.) and Essential Resources (energy, water and land, including stormwater runoff, green infrastructure, energy efficiency, advanced energy, green buildings, environmental justice, climate justice, climate change and more). For high school students, youth. Scholarship support for students of color, low income, promoting geographic, economic and racial diversity in environmental and sustainability movements. Collaboration between Oberlin College and Foresight Design Initiative, respected leaders in experiential and social-change oriented education. 

Pre-college summer seminars for highly-motivated high school students concerned about sustainability, social equity and the environment.


I learned a lot about leadership, sustainability and myself.
I found myself challenged and empowered to create change.

2014 Seminar Participant

JOIN the next generation of sustainability leaders: Motivated high school students ready to create change.

TAKE PART in transformative, uniquely hands-on learning, facilitated by respected teacher-practitioners.

VISIT inspiring sustainability initiatives, from community farms to corporate headquarters.

DEVELOP your leadership potential.

BUILD relationships with established professionals.

EXPERIENCE life on one of the country's most forward-thinking campuses.

FOSTER a more diverse, inclusive sustainability movement.

FORGE an ongoing network to support your future education and career.

Foresight Prep at Oberlin is a collaboration between Foresight Design Initiative and Oberlin College, based upon shared commitments to sustainability, diversity and holistic and experiential education.   ||   773.271.1990