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Tuition & Scholarships

Foresight Prep at Oberlin College tuition room and board, scholarships, financial aid, fundraising ideas, payment plans 

Summer Seminar 2018 Tuition

Tuition: $2,560
Room and Board: $921

Discount Rates, if paying with check or money order (rather than credit/debit card): 
Tuition: $2,500
Room and Board: $900

Early Bird Discount: All (full tuition-paying) applicants who apply by February 19, if accepted, will receive a 25% discount on the $2,500 program tuition.

Tuition supports program expenses, including instructor salaries, field trip transportation, classroom supplies, guest speaker honorariums, etc. Room and board is at cost. Fees are in keeping with peer programs. 


Foresight Prep at Oberlin is committed to fostering more racially and economically diverse, representative and inclusive social and environmental change leadership, for which financial aid is critical.

Full or partial scholarships will be available to students on the basis of demonstrated financial need, with consideration for the distinct contributions the student's participation will make to the program. Scholarships may cover tuition, room and board. Students will need to provide for their own travel expenses. 

Review program application instructions for detailed information about scholarship application process.


Foresight Prep aims to provide an inclusive and accessible platform for all students. Students should not let concerns regarding tuition prevent them from applying. However, due to our own financial constraints, scholarships may be limited.

We advise students to be proactive, and apply for private and independent sources of funding. Fundraising can be a critical and empowering skill for social justice and environmental changemaking. Foresight Design Initiative is more than willing to assist and advise students during the fundraising process. Listed below are resources and strategies that participants may wish to pursue:

1. Independent research: Search the web to find resources on fundraising. Don’t forget to check your school library, informational pamphlets are often available.

2. Approach a resourceful and connected community member: Discuss your options with an individual you know well. This may be a high school teacher, counselor, friend in college, or parent. They may have information about individuals and organizations providing funding for pre-college summer programs. At the very least, they almost always have a suggested next step to follow up on.

3. Community organizations: Local or international organizations are a great resource when it comes to funding educational pursuits. Find a list of community organizations online and send them a formally worded letter of interest. International organizations, such as Rotary, the Lions Clubs and Kiwanis often have local clubs or divisions that may also be able to assist in providing funding.

4. Businesses: Local shops and larger companies may have funding set aside for students interested in attending summer programs. Submit a formally worded letter of interest to businesses, either via email or personally going to a store.

5. Foresight Design Initiative: If you are struggling with arranging funding for the program, contact Foresight Design Initiative. We are willing to collaboratively brainstorm and find ways to pay program tuition.