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Potential Guest Speakers

David W. Orr, Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics, Oberlin College
David has probably been studying and teaching sustainability for longer than you’ve been alive. Among many other things, he helped foment the construction of one of the greenest buildings in North America, right on Oberlin’s campus. 

Lindsay JamesVP for Restorative Enterprise, InterfaceFLOR 
Lindsay uses the workings of natural organisms as models for her work in manufacturing.

Sadhu Johnston, Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver (B.C.); Chair, Urban Sustainable Directors Network 
Sadhu is turning Vancouver into the perfect city. He’s like Superman in Metropolis. Except instead of having heat vision and super breath (that’s a real power, look it up), he has a sustainable vision and super ability-to-make-things-happen-even-when-they-would-normally-get-hopelessly-bogged-down-by-politics.

Bob Langert, Vice President, Global Sustainability, McDonalds Corp 
Bob deals with global corporate responsibility issues at McDonalds, including sustainability. Sustainability at McDonalds may sound like an oxymoron, but Bob sure doesn’t think so. And after talking to him, you probably won’t either.

Karen FloriniManaging Director, Environmental Defense Fund's International Climate Program 
Karen runs with the big dogs of policy to get climate change in its rightful place at the top of the list of big honkin problems that face America (and the rest of the world).

Doug FarrFounding Principal, Farr Associates; Author of Sustainable Urbanism
Doug builds cool green buildings... AND he’s famous for it.

Lyrica McTiernanSustainability Program Manager, Facebook 
Lyrica does her very best to minimize the footprint of every meme that you “like.” Seriously, Grumpy Catand that Me Gusta guy are not worth more than polar bears... probably.

Amanda MedressStakeholder Engagement Manager, Sustainability Accounting Standards Bureau 
By helping develop sustainability standards, Amanda holds companies responsible for preventing pollution.

Steve KooyGlobal Sustainability Manager, Haworth 
Steve helps make a big manufacturer of adaptable workspaces (think Hogwarts stairs) create spaces that are not only dynamic and cool, but also green.

Lenore Beyer-ClowPolicy Director, Openlands 
Lenore fights to preserve the scenic green spaces and natural ecosystems in and around Chicago from human development.

Karen WeigertChief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago 
Karen pretty much runs the sustainability show in Chicago! She plans large goals and overarching strategies for one of the nation’s greenest cities.

Chuck TempletonManaging Director, Chicago Impact Engine; Founder, OpenTable 
Chuck helps launch promising green startups into successful sustainability-oriented careers.

David GardExecutive Director, The Oberlin Project
David Gard is helping overhaul the entire city of Oberlin to make it ABSURDLY SUSTAINABLE. But seriously, it’s really awesome. If you think about it too much, your head might turn green and explode.

David BeachDirector, GreenCityBlueLake Institute, Cleveland Museum of Natural History 
David is leading the charge to make Cleveland a healthy shade of green and Lake Erie a nice Kool-Aid blue.

Andrew WattersonSenior Consultant, BrownFlynn; Former Chief of Sustainability, City of Clevland 
After a long career of making Cleveland politicians and communities more sustainable, Andrew has now moved on to making Cleveland corporations sustainable.

Doug PaigeAssociate Professor, Cleveland Institute of Art; Certified Biomimicry Professional 
Ever said to yourself; “Dang! I wish I had a prehensile tail! Monkeys have it made”? So did Doug. Maybe. Sort of. Well probably not, but he’s really into getting humans to impersonate nature. He even convinced the University of Akron to dedicate a whole PhD program to it.

Joel BrammeierExecutive Director, Alliance for the Great Lakes 
Joel is doing a great job of fixing some Great Lakes. HA… Get it?

Jim Rokakis, Director, Thriving Communities Institute; Former Cuyahoga County Treasurer 
In addition to tearing down sketchy houses and planting trees, Jim also has a great mustache. What a guy.

Terry SchwarzDirector, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative 
Terry and her team of designers and grad students strive to envision and enact new, innovative ways to address issues of sustainability and iniquity in Cleveland.

Kim Foreman, Associate Director, Environmental Health Watch
Kim has a license to prevent lead paint from killing. So she’s basically James Bond (shaken, no negative externalities).