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Social Activities

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Social Activities & Community Building

Future of Food '15 Students out for an evening stroll

Foresight Prep @ Oberlin places as strong an emphasis on community-building as it does the classroom experience. The community that students form with diverse, like-minded peers during their time on campus and in the dorm provides the foundation for the strong bonds that fuel our ongoing Foresight Prep network. Students emerge with a lifelong network of supportive friends, many of whom remain in touch year-round, across state lines, and even oceans. 

With support from our Residential/Teaching Assistants, students lead the residential and social experience in a manner that is inclusive of all students, including identifying their shared rules and guidelines for their living space, and facilitating regular Community Meetings to ensure that all are having a positive experience.

RA/TAs also support students in organizing and facilitating group activities, including games, outings and hangouts. Examples have included movie nights, bowling at the Oberlin Lanes, Ultimate Frisbee, Cards Against Humanity, and an innovative hybrid of Nerf tag and hide-and-go-seek. 

Students have access to the Oberlin College Recreation Center—which includes a gymnasium, rock climbing wall, swimming pool, and athletic courts and fields—as well as the numerous dining, retail, cultural and ecological offerings in the town of Oberlin