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Program Overview

Outlines Foresight Prep @ Oberlin's core principles/tenets: Sustainability insight (including systems analysis, change-making strategies and learning from teacher-practitioners); Leadership development (including the collaborative leadership models sustainability challenges require); College and career preparation (including exploration of sustainability careers, research, interview and analytical skills for college, resume builder); Diversity (impact of sustainability issues on diverse communities, development of more racially, economically and geographically inclusive leadership in sustainability and environmental movements and efforts, scholarship support for youth/students of color and low income); and Network (networking opportunities with leaders and professionals). 

Foresight Prep @ Oberlin College: Summer enrichment for future leaders

Future of Business '15 students visit the Sustainable Cleveland Center at Tower City

Future of Business '15 students visit the Sustainable Cleveland Center at Tower City

What is Foresight Prep

Foresight Prep @ Oberlin offers a rare opportunity for high school students passionate about social justice, climate change and sustainability to develop as transformative leaders. 

Foresight Prep’s four week intensive prioritizes experiential learning that empowers students to take action. By interviewing "real world" leaders, professionals and community activists, and synthesizing their findings into the creation of their own transformative projects, students are equipped with the skills and insights to confront injustice, and create positive change. 

The Institute is designed to integrate five core tenets:

+ 1. Insight Into Social Justice, Sustainability and Change-making Methods

Unique amongst social justice and sustainability-focused summer programs, the Institute focuses on "the how," not just the "what," exploring a range of different approaches that real-world change-makers use to address complex social and environmental challenges, such as community organizing, urban design, policymaking, corporate sustainability, entrepreneurship, and more.

Students will begin to understand issues and approaches systemically, including their interdependencies and root causes, and synthesize this information to form their own perspective about how to most effectively address complex challenges, and develop their own emerging toolkit of strategies.

Through field trips and guest speakers, students will benefit from the perspectives of diverse change-makers, including corporate executives, policy-makers, social entrepreneurs, community organizers and more, in courses facilitated by program faculty who are seasoned practitioners in their fields.

+ 2. Leadership Development

The program builds students’ capacity to affect positive social change NOW by identifying and cultivating their leadership skills and potential. This process is facilitated by an original, informed and holistic leadership curriculum that views leadership as a process to which each individual contributes uniquely—whether out in front, or behind the scenes. Students leave equipped to instigate the collaborative and innovative leadership approaches that are required to confront complex and rapidly evolving problems.

+ 3. Diversity and Equity

The program strives to make efforts for greater sustainability more equitable and effective through greater inclusion of marginalized individuals and communities. Though sustainability and social justice challenges affect us all, they have a disproportionate impact on low-income communities and people of color. Unfortunately, the leadership of some major organizations and initiatives rarely represent these stakeholders and, as a result, risk neglecting their priorities (source).

Foresight Prep seeks to promote equity by cultivating more inclusive and representative future leadership (low income, students of color, and other historically/currently marginalized groups encouraged to apply), and exposing students to a diversity of perspectives and concerns.

+ 4. College And Career Preparation

Foresight Prep facilitates students’ personal and professional development in preparation for the next steps in their journey. The program prioritizes experiential learning opportunities over passive instruction. Hands-on projects, supplemented by training in critical skills, provides students the chance to develop their capacities for action-oriented research, interview facilitation, group work and collaboration, and public speaking and presentations, amongst others. Classroom discussions focused on the pursuit of meaningful vocations help students reflect upon paths for achieving social impact and personal fulfillment.

Students will live at one of the country's most progressive campuses, mentored by current students who serve as Residential/Teaching Assistants. Oberlin Admissions staff are accessible to students, visiting the classroom to provide an insider perspective on the college admissions process, and providing feedback on students' final presentations.

+ 5. Networking and Mentorship

The program recognizes that a summer experience, while often life changing, can only provide an introduction to self-reflection and complex topics. Throught the program, we strongly emphasize community-building between students and their mentors, recognizinf that strong relationships with like-minded peers and adults are one of student's most important takeaways. Prior to the seminar, students participate in a four-week online preparatory curriculum (about four hrs/week). After the seminar, students become part of an ongoing network connecting them with current high school students, undergraduate mentors and established leaders. Program faculty provide ongoing support to alumni, facilitating connections with professionals in the field; providing feedback on college applications, senior projects and internship experiences; facilitating online "Hangouts" with fellow alumni, and more.

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