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Staff & Leadership

Foresight Prep at Oberlin is a collaboration between Oberlin College and Foresight Design Initiative. Mutual commitments to experiential learning, diversity, sustainability, etc. Established leaders and innovators in social change-oriented education. 

Program Designers and Collaborators

Foresight Prep is a project of the nonprofit Foresight Design Initiative, developed in collaboration with Oberlin College. Foresight and Oberlin are dedicated to helping build the capacity of future leaders to address global, complex challenges. Mutual commitments to sustainability principles, diversity, and holistic, experiential education sparked the collaboration that is Foresight Prep @ Oberlin.

The College has collaborated with Foresight on multiple fronts including: Hosting the program, providing access to the campus and community's innovative sustainability initiatives, offering support and feedback on the curriculum development process, and helping review Seminar applications. Oberlin Admissions staff have also made themselves available to Seminar participants who have questions about Oberlin, or the college application process more broadly. 

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Oberlin College is a four-year, highly selective liberal arts college and conservatory of music. Founded in 1833 by a Presbyterian minister and a missionary, it was the first college to grant bachelor's degrees to women in a coeducational environment and, historically, was a leader in the education of African Americans. The Oberlin community is known for its exemplary academic and musical pedagogy and its commitment to social justice, sustainability, and creative entrepreneurship.

Oberlin’s legacy of inclusion and respect for diversity sets the tone for campus life today. The presence of a top liberal arts college and a world-class conservatory of music on a single campus is rare and enriching. Students live, dine, play, and study together in a community of intense learning and discovery. Members of the Oberlin community revel in their differences as much as they value the sense that they are all in this together. The Oberlin community shares a commitment to pushing the boundaries of their determination, intellect, and creativity.

Together, the campus and community create a place of urban sensibility reflecting the music, art, and cultural richness of the world. Oberlin's size, residential character, variety, and selectivity provide an atmosphere that is conducive to intellectual and personal growth.

Learn more about Oberlin College and Conservatory, its sustainability policies and sustainability in the curriculum


Foresight Design Initiative is a multidisciplinary innovation studio. We work with diverse partners to understand sustainability challenges and identify holistic, resilient solutions. We are committed to training the next generation of leaders.

The Foresight Design Initiative possesses over a decade of experience pursuing a range of sustainability-focused innovation projects and, concurrently, producing unique and compelling education experiences. Participant evaluations have consistently given the organization's programs top marks, validating its three-pronged approach that includes an emphasis on a triple bottom line (social, environmental, economic) perspective, reliance upon teacher-practitioners, and incorporation of experiential learning opportunities. Foresight program alumni have subsequently assumed influential positions in a diversity of sectors.

Learn more at the Foresight Design Initiative website.

Program faculty & staff

The program is led by experienced Foresight Design Initiative staff, supported by trained undergraduate teaching assistants, and emphasizes learning from teachers who are also practitioners in "real world" fields. Collectively, Foresight Prep faculty/staff possess more than fifty years of professional experience in social and environmental impact-related pursuits, including policy, business, design, innovation, scientific research, youth development, philanthropy, and community organizing. Residential/teaching assistants benefit from a rigorous, preparatory internship with Foresight, and bring their college coursework to bear on their facilitation.

Guest speakers are drawn from the Foresight Prep Steering Committee, Oberlin faculty and staff, and Foresight's extensive network of sustainability and social justice leaders in Northeast Ohio and nationally.

Executive Director, Instructor

Peter Nicholson leads a multifaceted career focused on innovating greater social, environmental and economic sustainability. He has consulted on and undertaken a diverse range of projects for clients, including municipal government agencies, institutional nonprofits, and small businesses, and large corporations. Dedicated to empowering the next generation of sustainability-minded leaders, Peter has also led sustainability-focused education programs for high school and college students to corporate executives since 2003. He established the nonprofit Foresight Design Initiative in 2002, for which he serves as the Executive Director. In 2012, he formed Foresight Bright, LLC, an innovation consulting practice focused on private sector clients. Prior to this, he held a variety of positions in the private and nonprofit sectors. In each, he has consistently pursued innovative growth and effective innovation. Peter began his graduate study of Sustainability and Design at the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and holds a bachelors degree from Oberlin College

Program Director, Instructor

Tim Jones-Yelvington possesses a range of facilitation, research, communications and program development and assessment skills. He worked for five years as program staff at Crossroads Fund, a public foundation supporting grassroots community organizing and social justice activists groups in the Chicago area, including a number of youth-led campaigns. His position included managing a portfolio of grantees and helping to coordinate a community-led grantmaking process. He worked closely with the staff and leaders of small, new and emerging organizations to navigate their organizational growth, and contributed to fundraising and communications efforts. He recently completed a Masters of Education in Youth Development at University of Illinois at Chicago. His culminating field experience took place in the After School and Expanded Learning Team at American Institutes for Research, the nation's largest social science research and evaluation organization, where he acquired a wealth of resources for promoting youth program quality. 


Lyndon Valicenti brings over 10 years of experience in scientific study, policy analysis, and planning around sustainable ecological and urban systems. She has conducted scientific research on vulnerable ecosystems in the Arctic and Antarctic; contributed to debates on international climate change policy; developed and implemented engagement programs to support city-scale climate action; and has informed ecological thinking in urban planning across China and the Middle East. Lyndon has a solid record of leading thoughtful, science-based planning, policy making, and research, as well as convening coalitions to advance strategic agendas to protect our most essential resources. Lyndon is Adjunct Faculty of Sustainability Leadership and Change Management at University of Chicago’s Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies. She holds a Masters in Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University and a Bachelors of Science in Aquatic Ecology from University of California, Santa Barbara. She also holds a certificate in Sustainable Urban and Environmental Design from Archeworks.

Resident / Teaching Assistants (RATAs)

The RATAs are current college students and Foresight Prep program alumni who mentor Seminar participants as teaching/residential assistants. 2019’s RATAs will be selected in spring 2019. Below are biographies for last year’s mentors, to provide an initial sense of what students might expect.


Ari Kim is a rising junior at Haverford College. They are a History major with minors in Political Science and Spanish. Their primary interest lies in (de)colonization and imperialism in Latin America, but they also enjoy learning about natural and occult history. Ari is a co-head of Haverford’s Queer Discussion Group, executive board member of a collective seeking to uplift and create more spaces for queer people of color, and a Multicultural Recruitment Intern for Haverford College Admissions. They are also a varsity rower on Haverford’s crew team, writer for the campus newspaper, editor of an academic-arts magazine, and show booker for Haverford. In their free time, Ari enjoys hiking, discovering new music, baking, and scribbling in coloring books. 


Manuel Rodriguez is a rising Junior at Earlham College majoring in Global Management on a Marketing track, and minoring in Environmental Sustainability. His academic interests lie in reforming traditional business models to focus on triple bottom line accounting in order to benefit people, profit, and place, and understanding the impact of traditional agricultural practices on soil health. In his free time, Manuel participates in club volleyball, rugby, and is a choreographer in Dance Alloy, Earlham’s student-run dance organization. He also is a member of Miller Farm’s Food Forest planning committee, which aims to have a flourishing food forest of perennial vegetables in the coming years.


The Foresight Prep Steering Committee is composed of established professionals from a variety of sectors, and students that are alumni of Foresight’s education programs. The steering committee support and help insure program excellence with insights on curriculum, professional connections, financial support and by often serving as guest speakers.


David Beach, Director
GreenCityBlueLake Institute

Lenore Beyer-Clow, Policy Director

Jarami Bond, Sustainability Coordinator

Ariane Burwell, Sustainability and Climate Change Consultant
Environmental Resources Management (ERM) 

Brigid Connelly, Student, Class of 2018
Bard College

Douglas Farr, President & CEO
Farr Associates Architecture & Urban Design

David Greaves, Student, Class of 2018
Vanderbilt University

Marshall Hanig, Student, Class of 2015
Wildwood School, Los Angeles, CA

Jeff Hogue, Chief Sustainability Officer
C&A Global 

Lindsay James, Vice President for Restorative Enterprise (former)

Marvin Krislov, President
Oberlin College

Sadhu Johnston, City Manager
City of Vancouver, B.C. 
Former Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago

Kayla Kellar, Student, Class of 2015
Olney Friends School, Barnesville, OH

Bob LangertVice President, Global CSR & Sustainability (retired)
McDonald's Corporation 

Glen Low, Co-Founder
The Earth Genome

Lyrica McTiernan, Sustainability Manager

David W. Orr, Senior Adviser to the President
Oberlin College

Eliot Padzensky, Student, Class of 2018
Washington University

Jeff Seabright, Chief  Sustainability Officer

Clarissa Itzel Villegas Smith, Student, Class of 2015
Bioscience High School, Phoenix, AZ

Lanita Stevens, Manager, Product Stewardship and Sustainability
USG Corporation 

Chuck Templeton, Managing Partner
S2G Ventures
Chairman, Impact Engine