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Field Trips

Potential Field Trips

Great Lakes Brewing Company, one of the nation's most environmentally and socially conscious breweries

Evergreen Cooperatives, a collective of really cool worker-owned businesses that are working to redefine business in terms of equity, sustainability, and community development.

Neighborhood Leadership for Environmental Health, a collaboration across Cleveland's neighborhoods to address environmental justice issues, like contaminated water or access to healthy food

Trail Magic, an "energy-positive" green home in Oberlin that feeds energy back to the grid: In addition to being energy-positive, this house also has a healthy collection of pixies and sprites.

Local Roots, a small-town, rural market and cafe connecting farmers with consumers of delicious local food

Ohio City Farm, a groundbreaking collaboration between 5 nonprofits and businesses, and one of the nation's largest urban farms. ...Ever seen a farm in a city? It’s a lot like a normal farm, but city-er. And rarer. Like, almost as rare as Mewtwo. Or something.