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+ What does a day in the program look like?

Students begin their day with breakfast at Stevenson Dining Hall, followed by a three and a half-hour class period (with short breaks). The afternoon is usually reserved for group project work and research to prepare for field trips. On field trip days (generally 2-3 per seminar), a bus will depart from campus shortly after breakfast, and return before dinner. Time after dinner is devoted to community meetings (focused on residential life and group reflection), and/or to various social activities, such as movie nights, bowling or a night out in downtown Oberlin. View a sample schedule here.

+ Who will be teaching these seminars?

Foresight Prep @ Oberlin seminars are taught by "teacher practitioners," with significant experience in "real world" fields. The lead faculty bios are included on the page for each of the six 2017 seminars. Further faculty and teaching assistant information can be found on our Leadership page (scroll down to Program Faculty/Staff). Alongside program faculty, diverse sustainability practitioners and professionals will serve as guest speakers and interview subjects for student projects. Feel free to email us if you have any further questions.

+ Can I receive college credit for taking this course?

Although the course provides an introduction to campus life, and opportunities to develop skills in preparation for college, students do not receive college credit for the seminars. Tuition rates have been determined accordingly, based upon similar non-credit summer enrichment programs.

+ What is "sustainability"?

Foresight Prep defines sustainability as the pursuit of a "triple bottom line" that includes social, environmental and economic value, and recognizes the interdependency of social, environmental and economic systems and challenges.

The course will include an examination of different sustainability definitions and frameworks, and students are not required to have any prior knowledge in this area—just a capacity to think critically, and a sincere desire for positive social and environmental change.

Life At Oberlin

+ Why would I want to go to Northeast Ohio?

Forget everything you might think you know about Cleveland and broader Northeast Ohio! For students passionate about social justice, sustainability and environmental topics, few regions are as fascinating, and at times even beautiful and inspiring. Cleveland's industrial past, subsequent economic decline, and more recent resurgence provide many fascinating examples of community organizations and businesses driving economic development. At the same time, with a police department that has been subject to federal investigation, the city is a microcosm of racial and economic tensions affecting the country as a whole. The region's natural resources, including Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga rivershed, offer compelling case studies in effective stewardship, to meet human needs and preserve ecological balance. The region is also a major hub for efforts to create a more sustainable food system, with exciting projects that address social and environmental concerns at every stage of the foodshed, from cultivation to consumption.

Finally, summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year to reside in the town of Oberlin, a picturesque community with thriving local businesses, a world class art museum, and many other assets. (Learn more on our Experience Oberlin page).

+ Will I be able to interact with Oberlin College students?

Current Oberlin students will mentor Seminar participants as Residential/Teaching Assistants (RATAs). Although most students will be away for the summer, others will be working on campus, and you may have the opportunity to interact with them. A few students also choose to intern at the Office of Admissions, and are always open to answering questions.

+ Can I travel independently outside of Oberlin?

As fostering a supportive community is a critical goal of Foresight Prep @ Oberlin, the social experience is considered an essential component of the program. Students are expected to remain on campus/in the town of Oberlin for the duration of the two-week seminar, including on weekends. However, students will have plenty of opportunities to explore northeast Ohio with program staff and participants during field trips.


+ How do I submit my application?

Applications will be submitted through an online form.

+ Who should write my recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are intended to reflect your commitments, interests and leadership qualities as a student and community member. Any teacher or mentor with understanding and experience of your capabilities and capacities may write your letter.

+ What are the application requirements?

Please visit our Application page for detailed information. Subscribe to our email list to receive updates. We welcome you to email us with any further questions.

+ What does Foresight Prep look for in successful applicants?

While the program seeks students with a responsible record of academic persistence, its highest priority is identifying students who exhibit the capacity to think critically about pressing social and environmental challenges, the passion to address them, and the desire to develop their own skills in order to more effectively solve problems and create change. The final cohort of students is assembled with consideration of experiential, geographic, racial and economic diversity.

+ Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

There is no minimum GPA requirement for participation in the program. While we would like to see that students are academically responsible, we are more concerned with their leadership potential, critical thinking skills and passion for the subject matter.

+ How does this program benefit my college application?

Foresight Prep at Oberlin will provide students with invaluable opportunities for exposure and personal growth, both within the classroom and outside. Participants will meet experienced practitioners in the fields related to their seminar topic, and establish lasting relationships and connections. They will develop research, interview and analytical skills in preparation for success in a collegiate academic environment. They will experience an introduction to campus life at Oberlin, a beautiful college town brimming with creativity. Finally, they will reflect upon potential future education and career paths aligned with their interests and assets, and emerge with insights to guide their future decision-making.

The program also offers explicit opportunities for students to reflect on their desired education and career paths, speak with college admissions counselors for insights into the application review process, and in select courses, even draft portions of their college admissions essays. Faculty and staff often serve as references in alumni's college applications. Past students have gone on to study at prestigious institutions, including Oberlin College, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Wesleyan, Carleton, and many others.

+ Are rising sophomores and graduating seniors eligible to apply?

While many program participants will be rising juniors and seniors, all interested high school students – including graduating seniors and rising sophomores – are strongly encouraged to apply. For graduating seniors, the program offers an exciting "bridge" to college, with hands-on, experiential research opportunities that will help prepare students to more effectively engage future course-work.

+ Does Foresight Prep accept international students?

Foresight Prep welcomes students from outside the United States with english fluency. Unfortunately, financial aid is not currently available for international students. Some international students are required to apply for a B1/B2 Business/Tourist visa. Application fees are $160. Processing times vary from country to country, and can take anywhere between five days to three months. Students requiring a visa are strongly encouraged to contact the consulate or embassy in their country of residence to book appointments. Foresight Design Initiative will be able to provide a letter of acceptance to the program upon request.

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