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 2018 Power of Business Group with their Teaching Assistant Manuel, who was a part of the 2015 Future of Business course. 

2018 Power of Business Group with their Teaching Assistant Manuel, who was a part of the 2015 Future of Business course. 

Alumni Network

We journey with our students as they travel along their squiggle of life... from high school, to college, into the professional world, and onwards. No two journeys are the same. 

Allow us to connect you with opportunities and resources as you go through your squiggle of life.


Empowering alumni and Staff

Foresight Prep has counseled and provided career development support for its college student staff:

Past Residential/Teaching Assistant and eventual Residential Director Max Herzog (Foresight Prep staff 2014-2016), and an Oberlin College graduate with the Class of 2016, now works at The Cleveland Water Alliance where he is working on intelligent water systems and next-generation water technology, through connections forged during his time with Foresight Prep.

After serving for a year as Foresight Prep's full-time Program Manager, Jenny Goldsmith, a Foresight Prep RATA from 2014-15, now works Regroup, a social enterprise funded by Impact Engine, w/ which Jenny connected with during her time with Foresight.

2016 RATA Rachel Young now works as a Program Support Assistant at Elevate Energy, where she provides customer support for various Elevate and utility programs through outreach and communications. , with Foresight having served as a referral and reference.


2018 Prep Alumni RATAs:

2018 marked the first summer that Foresight Prep @ Oberlin alumni have worked as Residential Advisors and Teaching Assistants (RATA).

Manuel Rodriguez (FP '15) was in the Future of Business course, and Ari Kim (FP'15) was in the Essential Resources course. They both pursue sustainability related work at their respective institutions, Ari- Haverford College and Manuel- Earlham College. 

Funding Advice for Solar Array: 

Kayla Kellar (FP ‘14), now an urban planning major at The University of Cincinnati, was able to start a solar array project for the girls dorm at Olney Friends School. The solar array was completed in 2017, read more about it here.

The Power of Cleveland Fellowship:

Over a 2 year period and with support from the Cleveland Foundation, Foresight Prep helped pair students Gina Ridenour (Foresight prep alum ‘15, ‘16, and ‘17), Hailey Ridenour (FP ‘16 and ‘17), Lenard Jackson (FP ‘17) and Ezra Moguel (FP ‘16) with paid internship opportunities with local organizations to occupy the remainder of their summer while not participating in Foresight Prep.

Organizations Included:

The Democracy Collaborative

Environmental Health Watch (EHW)

Vineyards of Chateau Hough

The Refugee Empowerment Agricultural Program at Refugee Response

At EHW, Gina and Hailey  Ridenour helped implement community outreach for a Kresge Foundation-funded local food project. Foresight also connected Gina with the City of Cleveland’s Office of Sustainability, where she became part of the citywide committee to help plan the City’s first youth-focused sustainability summit.


#BeyondForesightPrep - alumni instagram feed

Journey with us as our alumni travel along their squiggle.