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2017 Highlights

Summer 2017

By the Numbers

  • 6 transformative, 2-week seminars;
  • 5 urgent topics: Business, Cities, FOOD, Movements, & the Arts;
  • 54 students, from as nearby as Oberlin, OH, and as far away as Pakistan;
  • 51 guest speakers from business, government, and the nonprofit sector;
  • 9 day-long field trips to more than 25 inspiring initiatives in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio;
  • 16 rigorous, innovative, student-generated strategies for a more equitable and sustainable future, from business plans to grassroots campaigns.


Insight Into Sustainability and Social Justice

94% of students agreed the program increased their understanding of the systemic nature of sustainability and social justice issues, with 98% agreeing it increased their knowledge of strategies for creating change. 

“By mapping our main conflict, and tracing it back to its root cause, I was able to learn a holistic approach.”

Leadership Development

94% of students agreed the program helped them identify and articulate their leadership potential.
“Being a leader isn’t about being in control all the time. The program opened my eyes beyond the narrow definition of

leadership we are all taught.”


69% of the students were people of color, a more than 35% increase since the program’s launch in 2014. 76% of all students received some form of financial assistance to enable their participation. 94% agreed the

program helped them better understand the impact of sustainability issues on diverse communities.

“Weaving groups of people together, and making them share, is true diversity. It was so awesome to bond with people who are so different from me, not only racially, but also in perspective.”

College & Career Preparation

98% of students agreed the program increased their desire to integrate sustainability into their future

education and career paths. 90% now feel more equipped to collaborate effectively with peers on group

projects. 90% feel more able to deliver engaging public presentations. 85% are now more comfortable conducting informational interviews with professionals.

“Our guest speakers inspired me, and my future plans are widened. I know I am going to incorporate sustainability into whatever career I have.”

Network-Building & Mentorship

100% of students treasured the relationships they formed with peers, faculty and sustainability-oriented leaders, the seeds of a network that will prove indispensible in their future change-making endeavors.